Welcome to the RedCoreNetwork Donation store. Here you can donate towards the server and help keep the servers up! 

By donating you are donating for the hard work and dedication put into the server by all members of staff, and to cover costs of keeping the servers online and lag free.          

NEW: You can now automatically get your discord rank when purchasing a rank. All you have to do is enter your discord username at the checkout with the # included for example 'slideshowbob#4356'. You can find your long username in your discord settings. 


To pay by credit-card,  simply select PayPal in the checkout process select Pay with Debit or Credit Card upon checkout to purchase without a PayPal account.

Terms and conditions:

By purchasing our in game items and products you are agreeing to not request a charge back if you are unhappy with the service of our server. Donations shall not be made just for the items given by the ranks, kits, in game money or vote keys. Donations are strictly for keeping the server online and upgrading hardware for the server. If you have any doubts or concerns please contact a member of staff BEFORE purchasing as adjustments after the purchase cannot be made.